The Joosh’s Juice Bar 

The Joosh’s Juice Bar book series takes place in the charming Tropland Rainforest and written in rhyme, where animals and humans live in witty harmony. The storylines explore the wonderful and vibrant culture of healthy foods as the main characters are a wholesome, loving, health-conscious family that manages the juice bar.

About This book Series

Written by Josh Gottsegen
Illustrated by Sehreen Shahzad-Naqvi.

Inside this burgeoning ecosystem, some conflicts and issues affect the peaceful lifestyles of Tropland’s inhabitants. For Joosh’s young son,  Mo, a trustworthy ‘whiz kid’ with a thirst for knowledge, and his best friend, a slapstick yet lovable monkey, Randy, whose long tail is the ultimate counterpart to his clumsiness, that’s reason enough for adventures and episodic storylines based on witty conspiracies, child-like investigations, and tournaments of a variety of sports.

Each storyline includes Coco, Mo’s toddler sister, a modern-day Pebbles Flintstone, who is mostly quiet yet the wisest of the group, as well as Kwamee, a flying dragon lizard with a Woody Allen personality, who reluctantly participates in the adventures for one reason or another.

Crime is not much of an issue unless it’s centered around Tropland’s evil mob boss– a tiny poison arrow frog, Don Ribbit and his crew who want to take control and instill a more chaotic and junk-filled system.

“I loved this book encouraging kids to eat healthy food. It would be a much healthier world if every kid went on a blue banana berry adventure. I encourage everyone to read this book with their children.”

Nancy Cushing-Jones, Creative Projects Group

“The kids loved the book! They were quite engaged through reading it. You got a “I looooved it!” and you might be glad to know that it became potty reading material today too! The kids were all very intrigued about why the characters were blue… One of my kids picked up the book today and asked the teachers to read it during lunch So it was lunch time with Joosh today! :)”

 Sharon Lee, Preschool Teacher

“I wish you could see the joy my students have when listening intently to the book and don’t get me started on their love of the juice recipes! I actually had a student ask for the juice today during snack time. Thank you for making a health conscious, elementary special education teacher’s job a whole lot easier!”

 – Holly Tonak, Teacher

“I LOVE LOVE this darling book! The characters are arorable and being an artist myself I was captivated by the absolutely vibrant illustrations and just how much I couldn’t WAIT to turn the page.The wonderful story was brought to life!! I bought several books for each of my grandchildren and my great niece. I KNOW they will enjoy the story for years to come. Please write some more adventures from Joosh’s Juice Bar!”

Marjorie K, Proud Mom & Grandmother

Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Snackbook Adventure

Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Snackbook Adventure

Join Randy and Mo as they race around beautiful Tropland Rainforest in search of healthy and delicious snack ideas for a school project, to compile a book of “the best snacks ever!” Embarking on a glorious adventure through all kinds of weather, they’ll visit a colorful cast of characters along the way, each who will inspire one of the recipes in their book (included at the end of the story!) Filled with vibrant illustrations and told in Dr. Seussian rhyme, The Snackbook Adventure is a feast for the eyes, the ears, and the tummy. Part of the Joosh’s Juice Bar series, Randy and Mo’s colorful adventures in magical Tropland Rainforest bring fun and excitement to healthy eating. With 18 kid-friendly recipes handwritten, illustrated, and annotated by Randy and Mo in the bonus Snackbook at the end of the story, readers can dive right in and try eating like their favorite Tropland rainforest creatures!

Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Tropland Tee-Off

Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Tropland Tee-Off

Join Joosh and his son, Mo, in their excitement and adventure as they play in the Tropland Rainforest disc golf tournament! Will fruits, vegetables and water help Joosh and Mo feel good enough to win? Or, will Don Ribbit’s team, fueled by sugary snacks and artificial sweeteners, take the prize? The Tropland Tee-Off is the second book in the Joosh’s Juice Bar series. Each page is filled with colorful art and health-conscious themes. The series is written entirely in Dr. Seussian rhymes for readers to enjoy a hundred times!

Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Blue Banana Berry Adventure!

Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Blue Banana Berry Adventure!

When Joosh’s Juice Bar runs out of strawberries, the youngsters are asked to go on a “strawberry run.” Mo and Coco, along with rainforest friends, travel through the Tropland Rainforest and stumble upon a unique glowing berry in a Don Ribbit’s Swampland. Mo and Randy pick the berries, eat them and bring them back to Joosh’s Juice Bar. What seemed like a great idea at first turns out to have unintended health consequences. This is the first book of the Joosh’s Juice Bar series, and the story will take you on an exciting journey filled with lessons, love, and laughter.

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