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Heyo! I’m Josh. I am a health-conscious individual with respect for my mind, body, soul, and the foods that fuel me. When I’m not working at my creative agency, OneLight Studios, I write stories that take place in a universe where animals and humans live in harmony. Tropland Rainforest. 

Over the years, I’ve published three books in my healthy children’s storybook series, Joosh’s Juice Bar. The mission: to create positive role models who will make healthy eating “cool”–reversing the relentless marketing to kids by the billion-dollar fast food and sugar industry. The Joosh’s Juice Bar book series is currently available on Amazon and iTunes.

Recently, I completed my first novel, The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot. An epic origin story of the most successful animal (chipmunk) in the forest. Throughout his journey, Rockford learns the true value of never giving up, following your dreams in the face of adversity, and finding your place in a world that doesn’t understand one’s passions.

This website is dedicated to updates, short stories, and more. Please visit my blog for these sweet treats.




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