The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot

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3-5+ Years Old

We have three books in the Joosh’s Juice Bar collection. A healthy book series takes place in the charming Tropland Rainforest and written in rhyme, where animals and humans live in witty harmony. The storylines explore the wonderful and vibrant culture of healthy foods as the main characters are a wholesome, loving, health-conscious family that manages the juice bar.

9-12+ Years Old

At 248 pages, The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot is a wonderfully imaginative chronicle of growth, bravery, and new found wisdom recounted by an older Rockford as he attempts to connect with his young great-grandson at an open air market. As millions of other animals tune in to the now  live-streamed “story time”, Rocky’s fast paced epic origin story of discovery, danger, invention, wealth, and even love unfolds.

Tropland Rainforest

All of our books take place in the magical Tropland Rainforest. Where humans and animals mingle as friends. Thirsty? Make sure to drop by Joosh’s Juice Bar for a refreshing treat!

“Holy Moses! Awesome adventure story for young readers and a great lesson in never giving up for everyone!”

Dr. Jan Pol, Nat Geo Wild’s “The Incredible Dr. Pol” – Review for The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot

“The kids loved the book! They were quite engaged through reading it. You got a “I looooved it!” and you might be glad to know that it became potty reading material today too! The kids were all very intrigued about why the characters were blue… One of my kids picked up the book today and asked the teachers to read it during lunch So it was lunch time with Joosh today! :)”

Sharon Lee, Preschool Teacher. Review for Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Blue Banana Berry Adventure’

“Heart-touching and soul-warming, The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot provide kids the sweetness of the sought-after adventure with a relatable, adorable protagonist. A wonderful inspirational book to share with the fantasy-loving middle school reader!”

-Dr. Gabby Wild, Veterinarian. National Geographic Kids Educator, Animal Jam – Review for The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot

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